Keep Paying Your Cards As You Always Have:

If you have $15,000 in credit debt at interest rates of 20.95% and if you are paying the minimum payment of $375 per month this could cost you $10,996.64 in interest, it would take you 70 months (5.83 years) to pay off your debt. Principle and Interest Total for the $15,000 debt would cost you $25,996.64. Credit Card companies are charging outrageous interest calculation and most consumers don’t realize they will be paying for their debt 2 to 3 times the amount they charged. Click here credit-cardminimum-payment-calculator to see your interest, payoff and how long it takes to finish paying a credit card.

At US Financial Relief, we can show you how to pay off your debt in 18 to 60 months, settle your debt, and lower your payments. For the above example, we estimated negotiated payoff to be $10950.00, saving our client an estimated $15,046.64.

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